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Live broadcast will begin at 08:50AM with prelude and quiet meditation to help prepare you and your family for Worship, Scripture and Prayer. The next Sunday live service will be available in

2024-02-25 CMCCKL Sunday Service - God Of New Beginnings - Rev. Ong Chin Hin
2024-02-18 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Words of Grace For Building Up Others - Rev. Dr. Ezra Kok
2024-02-11 CMCCKL CNY Combined Sunday Service - A New Beginning - Rev. Ong Chin Hin
2024-02-10 CMCCKL CNY Service - Live The New Year with A Thankful Heart - Rev. Ling Shiang Ming
2024-02-04 CMCCKL Holy Comunion Sunday Service - The Plague of Locusts - Rev. Ling Shiang Ming
2024-01-28 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Renewal Towards Revival - Rev. Ong Chin Hin
2024-01-28 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Renewal Towards Revival - Rev. Ong Chin Hin
2024-01-21 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Be Thankful to the Lord - Rev. Dr. Ezra Kok
2024-01-14 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Seven Trumpets Of Disaster (Pt 3) - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2024-01-07 CMCCKL Holy Communion Sunday Service - Making A Covenant With God - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-12-31 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Seven Trumpets Of Disaster - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-12-24 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Jesus Christ - The Living Hope - Rev Ong Chin Hin
2023-12-17 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Christmas: The Revelation and Invitation of God - Rev Dr Ezra Kok
2023-12-10 CMCCKL Sunday School Sunday - Let the children come to me - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-12-03 CMCCKL Holy Communion - Who can stand in the great tribulation? (Part 2) - Rev Ling SM
2023-11-26 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Upon Blessings - Rev. Ong Chin Hin
2023-11-12 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Who can stand in the great tribulation - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-11-05 CMCCKL Holy Communion - That I Had To Be In My Father’s House - Rev Teoh Huan Seong
2023-10-29 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Wait until I know what God will do for me - Rev Dr Teo How Ken
2023-10-22 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Are you ready? - Rev Ong Chin Hin
2023-10-15 CMCCKL Sunday Service - The Last Judgment (Seven Seals) Part II - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-10-08 CMCCKL Sunday Service - The calling of God - Bro. Bob Hor
2023-10-01 CMCCKL Holy Communion Service - The Last Judgment Seven Seals - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-09-24 CMCCKL Sunday Service - The church in celebration - Rev Ong Chin Hin
2023-09-17 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Four Perspectives On The Church Today - Rev Dr Ezra Kok
2023-09-10 CMCCKL Sunday Service - The Ultimate Destiny Of Mankind - Rev Dr Ling Shiang Ming
2023-09-03 CMCCKL Sunday Service - The glorious throne in Heaven - Rev Dr Ling Shiang Ming
2023-08-27 CMCCKL Sunday Service - True Worship - Rev Dr Ong Chin Hin
2023-08-20 CMCCKL Sunday Service - The Great Faith of the Canaanite Woman - Rev Dr Ezra Kok
2023-08-13 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Letter to the church of Sardis - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-08-06 CMCCKL Holy Communion - Letter to the church of Philadelphia - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-07-30 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Letter to the church of Pergamum - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-07-23 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Together we build the church - Rev Herbert Ong
2023-07-16 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Parable of the Sower - Rev Dr Ezra Kok
2023-07-09 CMCCKL Sunday Service - The Letter to Smyrna - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-07-02 CMCCKL Holy Communion - To the church in Laodicea - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-06-25 CMCCKL Sunday Service - What legacy would you leave for your descendants? - Rev Ong
2023-06-18 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Father's Day - Rev Dr Ezra Kok
2023-06-11 CMCCKL Sunday Service - No Age Limit - Rev Liew Kek Ming
2023-06-04 CMCCKL Holy Communion Service - Letter to the church of Ephesus - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-05-28 CMCCKL Sunday Service - A model of a victorious life - Rev Yap Kian Soon
2023-05-21 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Nurture a generation who believes in the Bible - Rev Herbert Ong
2023-05-14 CMCCKL Parent Day Sunday Service - Honoring our parents - Rev Dr. Ng Geok Hooi
2023-05-07 CMCCKL Holy Communion - Things that must come true in the last days - Rev Ling SM
2023-04-30 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Mission at the Door, Seize the Opportunity - Bro Tan Ay Zing
2023-04-23 CMCCKL Sunday Service - I believe in the resurrection of Jesus - Rev Ong Chin Hin
2023-04-16 CMCCKL Sunday Service - Three pieces of art - Rev Ooi Liang Hung
2023-04-09 CMCCKL Easter Sunday - Meet The Lord Jesus Again - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-04-07 CMCCKL Good Friday Service - Thank God it is Good Friday - Rev Ling Shiang Ming
2023-04-02 CMCCKL Holy Communion - Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD - Rev Ling SM

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